The Best Malasadas Recipe in Hawaii

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Malasadas, oh Malasadas! These fluffy, golden, and irresistibly delicious fried doughnuts are a true delight for your taste buds. Straight from the heart of Hawaii, this iconic sweet treat has been satisfying cravings for generations. Whether you’re a fan of the classic plain version or love to experiment with different fillings, there’s a Malasada out there for everyone. Join us on this mouthwatering adventure as we show you how to make the perfect Malasadas that will have you coming back for more.

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Ube Ice Cream and Shake

Ube is a sweet purple yam that comes from the Philippines and many other parts of the Asian region. It has a hint of coconut and vanilla-like taste making it the perfect flavor for a vibrant purple ice cream or shake. Follow this recipe for a copycat version to Maui’s local restaurant Cupie’s Ube Shake.

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Sweet Liliko’i (Passion Fruit) Bars

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Lilikoi (passion fruit) bars are a very simple and easy dessert to make! The lilikoi’s sweet and tangy taste really brings out it’s flavors in this lovely treat. Along with the sweet custard is a crisp shortbread crust making these bars even more divine. Give this recipe a try and get ready to impress your ohana and friends.

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Banana Lumpia (Turon) Recipe

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Banana Lumpia is another sweet treat that was brought to Hawaii from the Philippines. It is very simple to make this but it is probably one of my most favorite treats to eat. This treat is basically a banana rolled in brown sugar, dusted with cinnamon, and wrapped tightly in a spring roll to be fried until it is golden brown.

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