Banana Lumpia (Turon) Recipe

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Banana Lumpia is another sweet treat that was brought to Hawaii from the Philippines. It is very simple to make this but it is probably one of my most favorite treats to eat. This treat is basically a banana rolled in brown sugar, dusted with cinnamon, and wrapped tightly in a spring roll to be fried until it is golden brown.

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How to Make Crispy Vinha D’Alhos

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Vinha D’Alhos (vee-nah dosh) is a Portuguese dish that is commonly eaten during the holiday season. The Portuguese came to Hawaii during the plantation era. They brought many traditions including this onolicious dish, Vinha D’alhos. It is similar to an adobo dish but has more spices to add a seasonal flavor to it. It has a nice tangy and savory kick that makes it go well with Portuguese sweet bread or rice.

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How to Make Beef Broccoli

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Learn how to make beef broccoli, an onolicious-local-favorite dish. Beef broccoli may not seem like a local dish to Hawaii, but it is pretty common in plate lunches and a favorite dish to have with the family. Learn some tips and tricks on how to tenderize the meat through a Chinese secret. It will definitely be a tender meat that’ll melt in your mouth!

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