Cooking onolicious meals for the ‘ohana and friends, sharing memorable recipes, and learning new culinary tricks

Hawaii is a melting pot of many, many, many cultures. We all love to eat a delicious meal, so let’s get cookin!

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I’m Tani

I’m an island girl from Maui who happens to love food. I am an average day cooker like most of you. That’s why I want to make my recipes clear and concise with my videos and blog. Read more…

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🎵”The island stays in your heart… and I’ll never forget where I’m from”🎵

Yes! The song “Never Forget Where I’m From” by Justin Young perfectly summarizes me and many locals who moved away from the islands for their own reasons. I can NEVER forget where I’m from and I can never forget my memories of growing up and enjoying many aunties’ meals, potlucks, and family gatherings. I hope to help bring a little of home to your plate!