11 Best Ideas for a Hawaiian Father’s Day Gift

Are you ready for the best gift ideas for a local Hawaiian Father’s Day? These 11 gift ideas will make your father give a big mahalo and smile on his face!

Gift Ideas

Getting a gift for your father is so exciting and if you’re like me, a little overwhelming with all of the different ideas you find on the internet. As a local Hawaiian with a picky father, I can proudly give you this exclusive list of Hawaiian Father’s Day gifts.

You will find all of the right gifts for all of the different Hawaiian dads for Father’s Day. From being a foodie father, stylish father, or beach-going father, and more!

After seeing all of these Hawaiian Father Day’s gifts, you will surely be the favorite amongst your family.

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This post is all about 11 of the best gift ideas for a Hawaiian Father’s Day.

Best Gift Ideas for a Hawaiian Father’s Day

1. Bento Box

One of the best gifts to get for your Hawaiian father is a bento box! This bento box is perfect for the local dad to take to work, beach, or hike for lunch. Packed in an eco-friendly lunch box with reusable utensils.

Let your dad be the cool and sophisticated guy on the block! Your dad will love this thoughtful Father’s Day gift if he enjoys his meals on the go.

2. Slippers

Slippers may seem random but any local Hawaiian father will appreciate this gift! You can’t cheap out with the regular drug store slippers, only to fix it for the hundredth time with your shirt through the puka method.

Use OluKai’s slippers to get the best of the best. Splurge a little to show your appreciation for dad on Father’s Day. These slippers are comfortable and not too bad on the eyes!

3. Pidgin Bible

Give this Pidgin Bible as a gift to your father if he enjoys a little chuckle or loves humor. It’s not just for the religious dad, but a dad who likes to crack jokes.

One idea to top off this gift is if you can find your father’s favorite quote, and write it in a letter to show him how much you listen to him!

4. Coffee

Don’t forget about Hawaii’s own grown coffee. It’s the perfect gift for a Hawaiian Father’s Day if your father is a coffee lover.

The classic Lion Coffee has been around for a while so, it has definitely been a favorite amongst the majority. Add this coffee to your gift list for your Father’s Day.

5. Sunscreen

Do you have a father who is always surfing during his spare time? Why not gift him this Father’s Day with sunscreen?

Be sure to get the 50 SPF to protect your dad from the harsh rays of the sun and to protect the reef. Let’s be environmentally concise and thoughtful for Father’s Day!

sakuraco box

6. Sakuraco

If you have a dad who loves Japanese culture and food, treat him this Father’s Day with a special box from Sakuraco. It has a ton of treats packed into an elegant box that’ll transport your father to Japan!

Currently, there is a special promotion going on! Subscribe for the 12-month plan to also gift your dad with a refined Tokkuri Sake Set. Be sure to use the code “TOKYO24” to get this special deal!

7. Shortbread Cookies

We all remember these shortbread cookies will make the perfect gift for a typical Hawaiian Father’s Day.

The reason why you won’t fail with this gift? Because it’s one of the classics that have been around Hawaii for a long time! Get these cookies since it will be an easy way to your dad’s heart.

hawaiian recipe cards 1

8. Hawaii Local Recipes

Get your dad a pack of these recipe cards, not to subtly tell him to make onolicious meals each day, but because he loves to cook!

These cards are the perfect gift for a Hawaiian Father’s Day since there are 10 handcrafted popular recipes of Hawaii! For sure your dad will add it to his collection of recipes.

9. Surf Shorts

You got a stylish and surf-loving father? How about gifting him with some board shorts? Beautiful patterns designed on comfortable board shorts.

Your dad will surely use these board shorts daily. He will always remember this gift on you’ve given him on Father’s Day.

10. Grill Set

Most of the time, the family loves to be at the beach. It’s time for your dad to whip out and impress everyone with these brand-spanking new grill set!

This is the most thoughtful gift you could give for a Hawaiian Father’s Day if you have a foodie dad who loves to grill. I’d like to request teriyaki chicken, kalbi, and burgers!

11. Aloha Shirt

Alright, I cannot mention the usual Aloha Shirt! Your dad for sure will use this aloha shirt for Aloha Fridays, family gatherings, grad parties, and more!

Either go with this pattern or find another that will suit your dad for his perfect Hawaiian Father’s Day gift.

This post was all about the best ideas for a Hawaiian Father’s Day gift to help you decide what to get for your special dad.

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